When does my order ship?

We will attempt to process and ship orders same day if made before 3pm CST Monday-Friday, unless unforeseen circumstances occur preventing us from processing and shipping same day. All orders after 3pm CST or on Saturday/Sunday will be processed next day or the following Monday as available unless there is a holiday. This policy is subject to change at our discretion.

What are shipping costs?

We use UPS Ground and the charges are based on size/weight and location. Generally for smaller shipments like a pair of shoes the rate will be potentially $10.00-$15.00 for Texas and $15.00-$20.00 out of state, however after calculating weight and packaging those charges may vary. Charges are calculated on each order at check-out. Due to increasing shipping costs from UPS these rates are subject to change at any time.

Can I order online and pick-up In-Store or Get Curbside?

Yes we offer pick-up and curbside at no charge. 

How can I buy Nike Dunks?

Currently due to enormous demand and extremely limited product many of the Nike Dunks are offered by a chance to purchase through designated drawings. However some pairs are available for In-Store First Come-First Serve and will be displayed in-store for purchase and/or will be displayed on this website. This will be based on each Dunk style separately.  If the Dunk is considered a "high heat" or limited drop product or Launch product that necessitates a drawing, the info regarding the drawing will be announced on this website with instructions to enter. 

There are almost always NEVER any Dunks "left-over" after a drawing. If there is by chance any product leftover, we will make it available for our In-Store customers. But keep in mind, the chance of winning the drawing due to a very limited production and allocation of these items, is very small. Generally it is no more than .1%. Odds are greater if you enter as many raffles and drawings from other shops and websites, as possible. We suggest you also make a SNKRS account and try your luck with that app.  It releases more pairs than any other shop.

Please do not spam our emails, texts, DMs, phone, etc. with Dunk questions, requests, etc. We will do our best to reply to legitimate questions regarding a release, but always check the site first for the best info. Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

Can I order from you if I don't live in the USA?

Sorry we don't offer service to customers outside of the US 48 Contiguous States.

Why does my billing and shipping address have to match?

We take precautionary steps to help to curb credit card fraud. Your card information must match or we will not process or ship your order. We use Shopify order processing and your purchase info must pass their stringent rules. If your info fails their testing, we will not process your order. We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to terminate use of this site at any time for any reason.

Can you ship to a friend's or relative's house or to my work or place of business?

Sorry we only offer shipping to the residential address of the cardholder matching the billing address on the Credit Card. No exceptions.

Do you take returns or make exchanges?


Many items are considered Final Sale, but there are some items we can exchange for you. We do not offer refunds or credit back to your card. Please contact us for exchange info within 10 days of purchase. Item must not be used, worn, damaged, or have tags removed. 

If ordering online, we do not offer returns or exchanges. Please be sure about your purchase before ordering.


Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Sorry we do not offer Gift Certificates at this time.

Why do you have certain items and brands in your store but not all of them or certain items or brands that I don’t want or like? 

We strive to curate the best brands and items that we think offer the best quality at fair prices. We also provide items and brands that are requested by customers most frequently. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate all requests but we try to offer the best variety of quality goods as possible  While we seek to please all our customers with our offerings, we understand that not everyone has the same tastes and we apologize for not meeting your expectations. 

How can I apply for a job with you?

Thank your for your inquiry but there are no open spots for employment at this time.

How can I get on the skate team?

Thank you for asking but there are no open spots on the skate team available.

I want to send you my artwork and ideas

Thank you for your interest but at this time we are not accepting submissions.

I want to market your brand and be an influencer for your company

Thank you for your interest however we have no positions available for marketing and promotion.

I want to do a collaboration/event/promotion with your company

Thank you for thinking of us and we appreciate it but at this time we are unable to participate.

How do I get free stuff and can you sponsor me?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist you with these requests.